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Agent 5.0 released to Beta

Forté is pleased to announce the initial release of Agent 5.0 to the Agent Beta Team.

Agent 5.0 is a major upgrade with functionality that benefits every Agent user. The features are based on customer feedback, with a focus on enhancements that improve efficiency and organization in using Usenet and email.


  • Nested Folders
  • Tabs for Open Windows
  • Browsers, Task Manager, Filters in separate tabs
  • Tabs are restored between sessions
  • Performance
  • Faster sample-by-date
  • Abort a folder sort operation
  • Cancel a Find operation
  • Task Management
  • Go Offline command
  • Retry Now command
  • Status Bar shows current active task
  • Viewing Data
  • Date filtering in message views
  • Date, author in Find Global results
  • Hide quoted text
  • Usenet
  • Filtering on Usenet message-ID header field
  • Watch Subthread
  • Ignore Subthread improvements

About Forté

Forté is focused on developing Usenet and email functionality for the Agent family of products. We are also developing service offerings to complement our Agent Usenet (APN) Service.


The Forté Team

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