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Forté releases Agent 7.1

Forté is pleased to announce the release of Agent 7.1, a minor upgrade with new functionality and bug fixes. This upgrade is free for owners of Agent 7.0. Go here to download Agent 7.1.

Agent 7.1 Features

Larger Folder Size

Building on the improvements added in Agent 7.0, we increased the maximum folder size from 8 to 128 gigabytes. This change also improves overall performance. The maximum number of messages remains at 16 million and the maximum size of a single message is still 4 gigabytes. Please see the Release Notes for important information about backward compatibility.

New Installation Program

We have rewritten the installation program to be compatible with all new versions of Windows. If you run multiple versions of Agent, please see the Release Notes for details.

Other Changes

Agent 7.1 also includes a number of bug fixes, as listed in the Release Notes.

Agent Usenet Promotion

When you purchase a new or upgrade copy of Agent 7.1 you will also receive a free 3-month 20 GB account at our Agent Usenet (60 GB total). With Agent's multitasking capability and our superior high-speed service, experience a whole new Usenet.

Forté Support

Forté provides you with world-class support with a single point of contact for both Agent 7.1 and Agent Usenet (APN).

About Forté

Forté develops the Agent family of products. Agent 7.1 is the most powerful newsreader and email program available today for managing communications. Forté also provides the Agent Usenet (APN), a high-speed Usenet news service feed.


The Forté Team

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